Painting Subcontracting Jobs

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Subcontracting Jobs Available With Source 4 Painting


Painting Positions We are looking to partner with several painting contractors within our service area to complete existing and future interior, exterior and cabinet painting contracts. There are many painters who do not want to take on the time or expense of marketing and finding their own work. They simply just want to show up and paint. Many of them are very good at what they do, but don’t have enough work. There are also some painting contractors who just simply want more work. If you are either of these painters we have contracts available for you.

You can view our job board by clicking here. Information on all available contracts and Instructions on how to apply for a contract is on that page.

You can reach out with any questions at in**@so*************.ca or by calling 902-691-2738

Now doing quotes for interior painting and exterior painting. Financing is available!

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