Interior Painting Pricing

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Interior Painting PricingInterior Painting Pricing

We have a simple formula for pricing out interior painting projects. We base it off of the floor square footage of the room or space. The starting price point is currently at $3.25 per square foot. Based of the floor square footage of the space.

This price point assumes that the ceilings are 8 feet tall and that the ceilings, walls and trim work (including door and window frames) are all being painted, but does not include closets or doors.

If the walls, ceiling and trim are not all being painted, this will lower the price. Adding in closets and doors raises the price. Other things that can effect the price are the height of the room over 8 feet, hard to access areas, substantial drywall repairs, other contractors being present … etc

As far as material costs go. A good quality gallon of paint is about $80 – $90 and covers about 400 square feet of surface space per coat. A 10 x 10 room is about 100 square feet of floor space and roughly 320 square feet of paintable surface. It will need 2 gallons of paint.

All said an done. A 1500 square foot house with no major repairs to be made and standard 8 foot ceilings, should cost somewhere around $4500 – $5,000 all labour and materials factored in, before taxes. This also does not include any fuel costs or equipment rentals that may be associated with the project.


Now doing quotes for interior painting. We are not taking on any more exterior painting jobs at this time. Financing is available!

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