House Power Washing

House Power Washing

Since dirt can make even a new home look old and neglected. No matter what type of exterior your house has, it can become dirty as a result of exposure to wind, dust, pollution and smoke from the environment.

First we spray a special cleaning solution on your siding that will dissolve the years of dirt away in a matter of minutes. Next we spray it off with a low pressure wash that will leave your siding looking like new again.

We have long range spray tips and extension wands that can do the job from the ground therefore no ladders are needed.

We will restore the appearance of your property and make you fall in love with it all over again. Above all the benefits of exterior cleaning are many. Not only does your home look clean and new, but pressure cleaning also improves your home’s curb appeal, helps raise the resale value, and protects your family’s health by removing mold and mildew.

We use proper cleaning solutions that are safe for plant life.

-We don’t blast your home with high pressure, going row by row causing damage to your home. Our process is a soft wash method, using nearly the same pressure as your garden hose.

-In most cases we don’t use ladders as we are able to complete all work from the ground in a safe and prudent manner.

-We have multiple payment options available to make it easier for you. We accept cash, cheque, certified cheque, money order, e-transfer, paypal and credit card.

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